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Western Vascular Society Founders Award

The Western Vascular Society Founders Award of $1000 and a commemorative plaque recognizes the best paper presented at the annual meeting by a new member who is within three years of their acceptance to the Society. It is named for the original organizing committee that met in October of 1984 and established the Western Vascular Society. This group consisted of Drs. Wesley Moore, Victor Bernhard, Sterling Edwards, Jerry Goldstone, John Porter, Robert Rutherford, and D. Eugene Strandness. The first meeting of the Western Vascular Society was held in Laguna-Nigel, California from January 23-26, 1986. At that meeting, the organizing committee met as the Executive Council and approved bylaws for the new Society and accepted a proposed list of founding members from the Western region.

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Robert Hye MD

Robert Hye Memorial Best Resident/Trainee Competition

To honor the contribution of member Dr. Robert Hye, each year the Western Vascular Society Program Chair elects judges to evaluate the best full presentation by a medical student or resident. There are three cash prizes—$500, $250, and $100—and official commemorative certificates awarded at the final session of the meeting. In addition there is a certificate and $100 award for the best Rapid Fire Presentation. The awards are funded by donations collected at registration by the members and sponsors.

Rapid Fire Competition

The Rapid Fire Competition is a series of two minute presentations that open the scientific session of each Western Vascular Society Annual Meeting. These presentations were formerly called ePosters. The winner receives a framed certificate and $100 award for the Rapid Fire Competition that is paid for by the Robert Hye Memorial Fund.

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