Hye Memorial Competition

To honor the contribution of member Dr. Robert Hye.

Robert Hye MD

Robert Hye Memorial Best Resident / Trainee Competition

To honor the contribution of member Dr. Robert Hye, each year the Western Vascular Society Program Chair elects judges to evaluate the best full presentation by a medical student or resident. There are three cash prizes—$500, $250, and $100—and official commemorative certificates awarded at the final session of the meeting. In addition there is a certificate and $100 award for the best Rapid Fire Presentation. The awards are funded by donations collected at registration by the members and sponsors.

Thanks to the Robert Hye Donors

  • Dr. Oliver Aalami
  • Dr. Michael Belkin
  • Dr. Robert Chang
  • Natasha Edman
  • Dr. Eugene Groeger
  • Dr. Daniel Ihnat
  • Dr. Tony Katras
  • Dr. Daniel Miles
  • Dr. Leigh Ann O’Banion
  • Dr. Peter Schneider
  • Dr. Ben Starnes
  • Dr. Karen Woo
  • Dr. Ahmed Abou-Zamzam
  • Dr. Michael Conte
  • Dr. Ronald Dalman
  • Dr. Roy Fujitani
  • Dr. Tom Hatsukami
  • Dr. Tazo Inui
  • Dr. Jason Lee
  • Dr. Mark Morasch
  • Dr. Karen Quirk
  • Dr. Sherene Shalhub
  • Dr. Gale Tang
  • Dr. Wayne Zhang
  • W.L. Gore & Associates
  • Dr. Scott Berman
  • Dr. Thomas Curry
  • Dr. Carlos Donayre
  • Dr. Ian Gordon
  • Dr. Bradley Hill
  • Dr. Omid Jazaeri
  • Dr. Gregory Magee
  • Dr. Scott Musicant
  • Dr. Thomas Rehring
  • Eric Smith
  • Dr. Shant Vartanian
  • Dr. Wei Zhou

2022 Robert Hye Memorial Resident Competition Winners

Reginald Nkansah, MD

First Place

Reginald Nkansah, MD

University of Washington

Utilization and Complications of Thoracic Endovascular Repair in Patients with Genetic Aortopathy

Shared Second Place

Vy Ho, MD
Stanford University
Most Privately Insured Patients do not Receive Federally Recommended Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

Teryn Holeman, MD
University of Utah
Assessment of Clinical Outcomes Following Lower Extremity Bypass and Percutaneous Revascularization: Should we be Following ABIs or Asking our Patients?

Third Place

Jaclyn DeRieux, MD

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Frailty Does Not Predict Worse Outcomes Following Lower Extremity Angiograms for Limb Ischemia in Nonagenarians

2021 Robert Hye Memorial Resident Competition Winner

Iris Liu, MD

Iris Liu, MD

University of California, San Francisco

Pedal Arterial Calcification Score Is Associated With Hemodynamic Change and Major Amputation After Infrainguinal Revascularization for Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia

Previous Winners


Alexa Mordhorst, MD
University of British Columbia


Linda Wang, MD, MBA
Massachusetts General Hospital


Joel Ramirez, MD
University of California, San Francisco


Amir Ghaffarian, MD
University of Utah